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PhotoMania Effects Part 1

After seeing a few other of my friends here use PhotoMania, I decided to try it out for myself. Some of the effects are very cool! I really enjoyed the “magical” ones the best.

I don’t see myself using this as my primary editing website, but if I want to use it for a change up to my regular programs I would definitely do that.

Below I have 6 different effects/edits that I used from PhotoMania. I would love to know what you think of them! I may try it out on a few different art pieces in the days to come….I used it on a different art piece and the results were very different.

The original art piece I posted a few days ago (found here —-> New Romantic Design – 2/20/18 ) is what I used for these edits minus the bokeh effect I added in PicMonkey (as well as adding my watermark).

#1 Cotton Candy

This is one of my favorites that I used on this art piece.  The colors are just so pastel and pretty. 

5 points

#2 Shine Stripes

3 points

#3 Magic Stars

This did not change the colors in my art piece a lot, but it did add some cool stars around the edges.  

2 points

#4 Orion

I like the change in colors this effect added to my overall design. What do you think of this one?

2 points

#5 Rainbow

I love the rainbow colors in the background....very different than the original, but doesn't change the feeling of the piece.    

2 points

#6 Supernova

I like how this effect adds to the sun rays I already had in the artwork.  It emphasizes them, but not too much.  

2 points

What do you think?

9 points


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