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New Art – January 31, 2018 – Which Edit Is The Best?

Hello everybody,

I made a new art piece tonight and I decided I would edit it a few different ways and let you all decide which you like best – the original or one of the three edits?

The first photo is the original– a romantic sky design. The sky is blue and purple with a lot of clouds.

Then I used some cloud effects on PicMonkey for one edit. I used a lighting effect for another one. Β The other one is using a bokeh effect.

Personally I think I like the lighting one best, but that’s usually what I go for when I edit…but I don’t want to get too repetitive!

Let me know what you all think of the design and the edits πŸ™‚

Lighting Effect

This is one of the lighting effects on PicMonkey.  I love this effect cause it adds so much color.  It also adds some darkness which some people may not like.  

Extra Clouds

There are cloud texture effects on PicMonkey, and I used that for this edit.  I used one of the pink cloud add ons. I think it is pretty, but it's not my favorite edit.

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Bokeh Effect

This is using a bokeh texture effect.  I haven't used this specific bokeh effect, but I think it turned out cool.  What do you all think?


What do you think?

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