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Paintings – windows to the soul.

I am still looking to express feelings in my paintings.  The colors are for me the Alpha & Omega. These roots for painting are deep in my soul. They grow every day more in depth but also in height as: Tree of Knowledge.

I want to paint expressive, interesting and exciting paintings. I still seek ways to express myself clearly, greatly in color and I want to give excitement. This time you require it.

But I have the color for meditation and the search for peace. The equilibrium of the soul is sought after for millennia, and I am also one of the seekers. The world needs peace for the human being and every creature.

In nature are ideas for my paintings. I am thrilled and inspired by its diversity. Earth’s planet is a beautiful inspirational place. It is important to keep the extremely interesting life in nature.

The Sun and Moon have an impact not only on Earth, but also in my work too. Sun has been admired ever since ancient nations. And the Moon is not only affecting the tide and the outflow of the sea.

Day and night life in nature has its own beauty. Birdsong early in the morning is like a balm. Night has life and it’s heard and seen in nature as well.

View the more of my paintings. I believe you will be attracted by my paintings from my soul.


“Thanks for your time. And now you can thank me for mine.” It said Sixto Rodriguez musician and singer.


What do you think?

Written by Paul Pulszartti