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Shield, one grown weak

Slamming against the shield, one grown weak, with this greying day. Increasing strength, this shoving blast, one, which we hope, will not last. Ah, this...

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Street Project 2017/ On the Road Project While the sun rests, I will remember, the warmth of your ray, colour mixed, friend, this pleasure of...

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Storm raising, amazing this change

Wail, cry, the sky has churned. Storm raising, amazing this change, coloured blue, grey, flashing red, I see, none can compare this rolling wonder. Wind...

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Purity in control

Silence! Watch purity in control, Steal the moment, For memory, untold. Silence! Creative mind. Still the rock, of negative mind Now! You! My memory friend, Our mental journey, end. Reality seeking, in control. Street -...

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that is defeat

Knowing nothing, is not the blessing, to redeem. Hiding willingly, within your blocked sight, brings only spite. Not a relief, nor a place of...

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Shield, one grown weak


Storm raising, amazing this change

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