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Painting is a mix colourations of a rainbow :)

the words painting is known as a mixtures of the colours.some colours pick up the combinations of the images.but todays I was a draw the some different images like a flowers.these flower look like a beautiful same as same in the pictures.I love flowers a lot.but some flowers colours have a beautiful.iam a happy to draw the flowers in this pictures

because own creativity is a greatest feelings it’s a GoD gifts also.iam a lucky because I have a art talent. But iam a more happy me still at virily.my creativity enhanced there.I will hope virily community likes my work.me always trying to the good works.

Its a natures life is a beautiful that’s the colours and everyone happy to seen the naturally phenomenon. But life still the combinations of the colours and colours show that’s  rainbows of the life.painting is a great work.I like a lot painting worked.


What do you think?


Written by Uzmasoomro

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