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Omake & Me

Since they’re enjoying a fair amount of popularity or at least noteriaty around here, let’s have some omake shall we?

#1 polaroid bonus

She's a bit too perky here, and I'd like some of the snaps to be out of alignment but otherwise I really like this look and feel...


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#2 last year’s banner

I think that I've already mentioned that Endogeny is self replicating; not so much parthenogenesis as mitosis...

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#3 alternate view

The nice thing about the Endogeny design is that I can always flip it and you're none the wiser. This gives me some extra options...

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#4 ink wash

Here is an early study for them, in a rare medium for me- ink wash. I generally don't use this style but it really fit the bill, so...

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What do you think?

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