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Mrs Brkan

This is my pencil sketch of Mrs Brkan. Originally from Croatia she came in early 1930s at a guess.

She is what you call a do it yourself person, she painted and wall papered her own house, she made all her own clothing. Beautifully made.

She had an extensive garden.

However, she was what you call a “Drama Queen”. I would call it anxiety. I suppose in her own way she did her very best as she could.

I feel very convicted that no one should be alone with anxiety and there is a generation of people, especially young people who need to know that they are not alone.

We are all human and in her life, I was just a passing ship. I learned a lot from her in my time of being a care giver.

Theres much to be said to do it yourself. It is a great thing to know how to cope.

In her later years she went slowly blind. She was good at drawing and a very talented person. I was privelledge to have met her,

What do you think?

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