See what I came up with for your shoes?

Hello everyone I came up with a method that I found out that works and if you don’t wanna or can’t Afford to get the comfort you need or just something till you can afford to get what you need. Enough talk!! Here it is!! I came up with comfortable insole padding for your shoes and yes I have the proof. Take a walk to red Rock and go up and down the stairs your feet hurt  and legs are burning. Or a hard day at work on your feet all  day and what is  the first thing you do take off your shoes  and rub your feet right!! Or you just got back from a nice walk or jog and you notice pain in your feet. I done all this above why I came up with foam yes package foam for your feet.  Take a look at the above video and see what I came up with. I hope you enjoy!!


What do you think?