Moon Story – Journey of a myth

I always had an attraction for the Moon and that’s how I ended up one day trying to write a new myth about it. It’s fascinating how our magical companion is continuously influencing our life. Its grip upon the Ocean is mesmerizing and I felt it needed a story to tell it. Writing always came easily to me…but in the same time, drawing was my first way of expressing myself since I was a child. These drawing are various way of depicting what my Moon Story tells. The rest is for you to complete…with your own imagination. Enjoy!

So, once upon a time….

“There was a time when the planet was just a barren bulge of rock rolling around the sun, followed closely by its equally dull companion, the Moon. The surface of the Earth was dull-brown, cracked and dusty and the grey moon in its skies was much closer than nowadays.

In the eerie silence of the hollow space surrounding this odd pair, Time was monotonously flowing and there was no sign that things would change anytime close. Oh, but that was just an illusion! As soon as the news of an untouched and hopeful planet spread through the Universe, fleets of young and bold gods took their course towards the planetary system. They were coming from different corners of the stellar vastness, their knowledge gained and polished throughout many other such challenges. There were land-gods and water-gods, air-gods and moon-gods, ice-gods and fire-gods, wind-gods, forest and plain gods, star-gods, thunder gods, rain gods and everything imagination could bring to life. They came in various shapes and size, greeting each other as old friends. Soon, the Earth was undergoing huge changes and some of these creative young spirits were ready to call this new planet: home.”


What do you think?


Written by Kate Mantis

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