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Little Red Riding Hood – POC

Doing artwork inspired by fairytales and/or nursery rhymes is a bonus for me because everyone is able to relate to my work (as opposed to the rest of the time) and Little Red Riding Hood is a favorite of mine. I’ve always loved her amazing powers of observation (what big ears you have!).

I hope you all know what needs to happen next. That’s right- she needs a basket full of goodies, so I’m going to model it and then show you the results…

#1 apprehensive WIP

I wanted to make her stylized, get a sorta manga look. She looks like she suspects someone is watching her. Or she is wondering if she left something at home (something like your basket o' goodies, you daffy broad?)

6 points

#2 painterly

In this one she looks more like she's trying to figure something out

5 points

#3 peek-a-boo

In this one she looks like she's playing peek-a-boo with you. She also looks pretty sinister...

5 points

#4 rough sketch

I know you wanted a sepiatone but this piece demanded something of a more crimson hued solution

5 points

What do you think?

8 points


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