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I will take a break from my 365 Photos Challenge for now. Since it’s almost Christmas, I wanted to share one of my old artworks related to the occasion.


Karoling is the Filipino adaptation of the word Caroling. Here, in the Philippines, children would brave the streets and go from house to house in the neighborhood do the “Karoling”. They usually bring along with them improvised tambourines made out of flattened bottle caps on a wire ring, or on a Y-shaped branch. Some kids would bring also improvised drums

They would blare out Christmas songs, most often out of key on out of rhythm beating of their tambourines. Sometimes they could not even get the lyrics right.

Karoling - oil pastel on paper

Karoling – oilpastel on paper by John Loberiza (that’s me).

I hope you like this.

Merry Christmas!

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