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Julian In Time

Julian In Time is a short clip made from thousands of frames of JWildfire fractal flame renders and recorded as a video file.

This video is just a clip to add into a larger project that has taken over a year on and off as I get time to render frames.

Depending on the quality, the rendering can take from just a few seconds to days for some larger high quality renders, but those renders take a toll on your PC over time!

I am happy to answer questions if you are interested in finding out how to get started in creating Fractal Art and my good friend and fellow Fractal Artist, WoodyWood143 is a keen instructor if asked nicely!

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  1. Super amazing, Craig… especially when I think about the amount of work that’s gone into it! Plus the risk to the computer!! A small suggestion, if I may – some music would definitely make it even more fabulous! 😀

      • Once I get a water cooler on my PC im going to try a few more animations myself. Im just real leary about those high temps my processor reaches when I try. I usually abort at a certain temp. Bryce is not to bad, but MB3D you can watch the Temps creep right up. Even just when rendering larger size images.

        • I know what you mean about the temperature of the CPU and needing to cool it down! I am getting a temperature of about just over 50° C when maxed out on heavy renders!
          Radiator units work good for gamers, so my son tells me, he built a PC a couple of years ago for someone with a radiator unit and it works good apparently.
          No reason to believe they wouldn’t​ be good for us artists.

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