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Painting With Sketchbook

For over a month now I have been painting, or should I say sketching, with Autodesk’s Sketchbook on my 10 inch tablet. The app has a very simple answer and user friendly interface that you can create your first drawing right away.

It may take some getting used to when you paint with your hands and the brushes are not pressure sensitive.  It has several types of brushes which you can adjust the size and opacity. It also has layers but limited only to three. I’m using the free version. I’m not sure if the premium version is limited to three also.

One thing that is missing is the selection and fill tools. Those two tools could make things easier.

One thing I like is their SketchThis challenge. Every now and then they come up with new SketchThis challenge, in which you will draw something based on a certain theme. The output is then uploaded by the app on Deviant Art. My first entry was The Joker for the Bad Guys challenge.

The image is a screen shot of the app while I’m working on my entry for another SketchThis challenge ‘Original Character’.


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Written by artbytes26

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