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Come and dance with me

This is not a poem, it is a monologue about a small part of life, my life, your life, our lives.

This morning’s sunrise was stunning.

The bright amber of the rising sun decorated the underside of white clouds a myriad of colors, painting them a deepest pink to flaming orange. The azure blue sky emphasized these shades in a most extraordinary way.

I danced like there was nobody watching.

Well, not really. Not physically. Not with my two left feet!

But my heart danced, my mind danced at the beauty. Nobody was watching, because they too were staring with wonderment at the sky.

Sometimes nature can surprise us by treating us with gifts such as this. Gifts that we must make the most of right there and then, because they are fleeting, momentary. Such is the very essence of all natural events.

Even life itself is transient.

We are here but for the briefest of time, a time during which we so often keep our heads down and our eyes closed to the wonders which surrounds us.

It is all too easy to allow ourselves to become so embroiled in the mundane, in the ordinary, the dreary, and monotonous humdrum of everyday existence, we fail to see the blueness of the skies, or notice the wind driven clouds whisking by, or even the smile upon our lover’s face.

You should have said I love you’ before you left home this morning.

You could have given your children an extra-long hug, couldn’t you?

Or gave you partner a deep, passionate kiss which would linger on their lips.

But you did not.

You were in too much of a rush, hurrying for…for what?

Whatever the reason, ask yourself this.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth neglecting to say, I love you?’ After all that only takes a few seconds.

And how long does it really take to cuddle a child before leaving home?

Long enough to show you care?

Tomorrow morning, I ask you to look up at the sky, think about those things which hold true value in your life, then ask yourself if they are worth the time for an extra kiss, a longer hug, or those few seconds of your life to say, I love you’.

Tomorrow morning, come and dance with me.

Nobody is watching and if they were, they would be looking on with envy.

Note: Both artworks in this post are my own creations.

Image 1© Paul White 2016 – Image2 © Paul White 2017.

You can view these in full and see my other art here


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Written by Paul White


  1. I know it would sound like a phrase, but I can’t think of anything better than Beautiful Post!
    You have touched so beautifully and gently so important aspect of our lives, highlighting it with vivid pictures (not only the ones you have painted, but also the ones you’ve described) and spinning it with (unheard) music that throws the reader (willingly or unwillingly) into magnificent dance, although imaginary so lively and canty! 🙂