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My Interactive Adventure at Asia’s Largest 3D Art Museum

To my avid readers of my blogs, I think some of you already read my previous article about this Interactive 3D Art Museum that is considered Asia’s largest when total painted area is to be considered. I have featured there my 20 interactive photos and let everyone vote for them. So this time, I’m featuring another set of 20 interactive photos and I encourage everyone to vote.

This art museum is called Art In Island, and it’s located in my beloved country —- Philippines.

If you want to read more about this museum, read my previous blog about Art in Island.

Now, here are my 20 interactive photos. Scrutinize them with fun, and pick votes to see which ones are your favorites.



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Written by Trafalgar Law


  1. Great pics here too!haha. I have plenty of pics but decided to post only a few, maybe will upload the other later hahah thanks for sharing yours!

    • Yeah..if you wanna visit Philippines in the near future…look for Art in Island’s just near Manila…you will never gonna regret it…it’s full of fun there…?