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I Am Another You

O beautiful soul

after waiting at the gate of your blackout

until you enter the dream world

then we greeted each other

become one and together

going through the emptiness

to the edge of the dream

melting in The Great Seal

gulping an unspeakable peace

let alone be taught

unless it is taken directly from the source


If you wake up later

with a smile on the lips

try to remember

moments when we are immersed in the light

hopefully it becomes sufficient stock

to live all your day and night

and also

I am another you.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of my Long Journey Series – Crosses the Light.


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  1. I am back again to let you know I just submitted a poem for approval called The art of oneness, I did not know this post was about oneness too lol. I said you inspired the poem, so just read it when it is approved if you would like. I always loved abstract art, but never knew I could interpret its meaning.