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How Many

“How many Nobel prize winners died at the age of one or two?” Elie Wiesel while walking Aushcwitz Death Camp With Oprah Winfrey

What child died
In the ovens of evil
During those hellish days
Of Hitler’s Nazi Reign?
Could they have been the
Man or Women who cured cancer?
Could they have built a bridge to peace?
What about AIDS
Could they have found the cure for AIDS.

Which child
Was brutually murdered
One of Millions
In those gas ovens
Because they were Jewish
Because they were disabled
Because they fought for God’s chosen

How could someone have
So much hatred in them
That they could kill a hundred
Innocent child.

Elie wiesel said
“One child’s death
Makes no sense
How can the death of
Begin to make any sense?”
I say how can we promise
Never again
And it’s happened
In the Sudan
In South Africa
In Iraq
In Iran.

How many have died
Since the world promised
Never again
Simply because.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


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