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HARSH WRITING ADVICE! (mostly for newer writers)

Here is some harsh writing advice from a published author Alexa Donne, who, in her video, shares some hard-hitting advice about writing, and in particular, writing a book. Her advice is specifically aimed at new, wannabe writers who are thinking of writing a book or want to write a book. In her video, she tells you the things you need to hear but you will not really want to hear but just allow her to, as she puts it, “give it to you straight!”

I came away from her video feeling strangely invigorated and judging by the YouTube comments it seems as though her “Harsh Advice” had hit a few nerves, positively. I have written several manuscripts and are forever updating them, not wanting to use scenes from other books, films, and Television dramas. It was so darned hard to write 100% original stuff and not stare a plagiarism charge in the face. So, I got stuck into article writing which you research, and consolidate the snippets into hopefully a meaningful post. All the while, these drafts, (scripts) are gathering proverbial dust. 

Watching her video did something else to me, it got me really thinking, about what qualities an author should have, to be “authentic” Where do you fit in? Please share your comments below, they can help so many others, uncertain about their writing ability.

PS. As Doc Andersen once aptly pointed out to me, that the site was created to boost creative talent, so, in the spirit of that observation, I apologize for any possible offensive or distasteful language uttered by the author at times in the video. I do not necessarily condone or reject it.


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  1. Writing is an individual art. Writers share their ideas with the written word in hopes that it will be published somewhere. We writers will publish our works somewhere. We are not all meant to write a book.

    • That is why I write for Virily. I am also now writing for another site as well and starting a job as an assistant editor for the new site as well. I will be using all the courses of study I have learned from my years of education.

  2. Yes, with several years of writing, I already read similar pieces of advice and I still considered those helpful. Especially, the phrase, ‘no one cares about you’. Oh, okay, I need to write anyway. That is why I am thankful for sites like Virily and Bitlanders because they are helpful in developing and improving our writing skill.

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