Never Ever Trust A Talking Rock

[ A young woman is at the edge of insanity and finds the escape she knew was heading her way all along.]As she noticed the rock staring at her she was strangely unsurprised.“Hello,” she said, “my name is Alice.”It was an ordinary-looking rock, a little brown, a bit gray, roughly the size of a grown man’s head. It seemed rather talkative on a morning when most rocks do not.“Hello Alice,” it said, “who are you?”Alice sat down on the patch of grass next to the small dirt pathway. “I’m the girl that lives in the cottage just over there.” She pointed toward the clump of bushes crowding the path.One end of the path ran through the bushes and down to a nearby village. The other ran up a steep hill. “Or perhaps it’s over there, I’m not myself today.”“Do you know why the story about Alice in Lewis Carrol’s book is a children’s book?” The rock asked…Read on

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