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Hallway to Yomi – WIP

in the previous installment, I was working on the girl by herself, and then dropped her on a pre-rendered background and that’s just fine for test purposes but she doesn’t cast shadows or reflect light until she is actually rendered in that environment. so that’s what we’re gonna do today…

#1 environment test

this was my first render, where I just stuck her in the hallway and did a test render to see what would happen

3 points

#2 overlit

way too much lighting in here, no atmosphere

3 points

#3 desaturated

this is successful, but not optimal

3 points

#4 darker

again, it does work but it is too dark if you ask me

3 points

#5 saturated

perhaps too much saturation, but it is the best of the lot in terms of color balance and lighting

3 points

#6 light flare

sneak preview for the next installment, where I introduce a light bloom around all the lamps...

2 points

What do you think?

8 points


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