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haunted hallway – WIP

remember that chick who was in a hallway? well now the hallway is haunted and and possibly leading to the underworld. normally, I’d be worried for her but she looks like she’s got this…

#1 grunge

parts of this are probably still too dark, but there is a nice balance starting to take place

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#2 raw

this is a raw render, which is to say I've not done any postwork to the image yet. the DoF effect and the light blooms are all done by the engine

4 points

#3 silent hill

who didn't think I'd go full on Silent Hill on this piece?

4 points

#4 vignette

this is a nice effect but it is a bit too dark. fine for the web, but it wouldn't print well...

3 points

#5 statue render

here's a nice statue render for you. lots of omake for this piece...

3 points

What do you think?

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