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Creative Writing Photo Challenge – My Daddy Told Me

I came across the Creative Writing Photo Challenge on Lady Nightwave Brenda’s Blog. It looked like a lot of fun and decided to join in.  What you need to do is to choose a photograph and then write a poem or short story about it.

You can follow this link to see Lady Nightwave Brenda’s post.

This is a photo of my Dad, since I already dedicated a poem to my Mom earlier this month I decided to write one about my Dad as well.

Don’t be shy of your freckles

You may feel like an ugly duckling now

But someday you will grow into a beautiful swan

When I was a toddler

My Daddy told me

Listen to your teacher

Do your homework

Don’t be naughty in class

Shine like a star, then you’ll go far

When I was a little girl

My Daddy told me

Don’t lose you heart too soon

Enjoy your youth first

Work hard, play hard

But find your passion in life

When I was a teenager

My Daddy told me

Find your passion in life

Work hard, study even harder

Never give up

When I was a young woman

My Daddy told me

My Daddy taught me

Life lessons in a way

I will never forget

Sometimes through a game

Sometimes through a song

But the biggest life lesson

Out of them all

When I asked my Daddy

What was his life’s goal

My Daddy told me… To be Happy.

Anyone can pick up the challenge, so come on, pick a photo and start writing your story.


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Written by Della