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Nanori no Kami – WIP

I think that is how you say Forest God in Japanese, but if I am wrong, please let me know. This piece should have a nice Mononoke Hime vibe when I am done with it, tanoshimi ni shite kudasai…

#1 work in progress

Just a rough sketch to get the idea down and play with the technique. Obviously there needs to be a forest in the background but if I couldn't figure out the foreground then no point in messing around with a non-starter anyway

#2 rough sketch

My thinking was that Shinto deities are all animistic, so the forest god should look semi human but still exotic enough to read as otherworldly

It is probably worth mentioning that she isn't really a Shinto god, just something I made up but she was informed by my understanding of that religion...


What do you think?


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