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gargoyle study – WIP

Just a test render of a gargoyle that I will be using in a future piece. Uncertain if I will migrate to the material to marble or not. It reminds me of a statue that my ex gave me many years ago

#1 test render

I don't know if it will scare off any evil spirits but it sure looks cool


What do you think?


  1. gargoyles will come alive at night!! lol, at least the animation I watched as a kid says that…
    hmm this one looks a little too cute to be guarding…

    Still it’s well done and I love the texture

  2. As gargoyles go that one is particularly adorable. I love gargoyles and have a few indoors. An acquaintance once put one out in front of his house and got the whole neighborhood in an uproar. Some of my neighbors do not know or care much about history.