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Drawing with light

Night sky pictures, different night landscapes, or just city photos showing city dynamics at night. These are still pictures that we like and are pleasing to the eye. Before I started taking photography I was always interested in how exactly this effect is achieved, whether it is difficult to perform and what is needed to do it. The fact is that the capture technique is quite simple and not enough knowledge is needed to make such a picture. You do not even need expensive equipment. It is necessary that the camera you are shooting with will have manual settings. Of course, here is the quality of the picture and, of course, if your technique is of a higher class, the picture will be much better.

Mandatory tripod! You can not hold the camera for more than 30 seconds without hesitation.

If you want to “paint” on the picture – take a flashlight.

With longer exposure, you can distort different shapes.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev