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Drawing a cute Pug in Coloured Pencils

This is another coloured pencil drawing that I did this year of a cute little pug.

I did this when I was first getting to grips with coloured pencils after drawing mostly in graphite before that.

I had a lot of nice comments on this drawing on my YouTube channel and Instagram/Facebook because people really liked the way I did the eyes. I must admit I did really enjoy creating this drawing and it’s always nice to get good feedback.

That’s always the trick with art; to make something look good from a distance, sort of like an illusion. In order to do this though I feel that I still need to make it look as good as I can close up as well.

Every artist is different, but I personally create this effect by using a lot of layers and creating highlights.

I hope you all like this drawing and thanks for looking.

You can also see the video on YouTube:


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