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Downtown Megatokyo 2038 – Evolution

If you’ve been following my latest cyberpunk work, then you’ve already seen most of this but I am going to walk you through the development cycle of it and hopefully it will give some insight into my process

Downtown Megatokyo is crowded around the clock, so I really should’ve put a lot of people in the background but I wanted the figure to look isolated and dominated by the city, since this is a dystopian themed piece

I get the feeling he hates Megatokyo, too…

#1 proof of concept

This is the sort of thing I would give to a client to indicate look and feel. All the elements I want in the final are represented here

#2 work in progress

I like the color balance here but was concerned it might print too dark, so I did another version to address that concern...

#4 release version

I feel like this version best captures my intentions for this piece; it may seem too bright here but printed out it should look just right...


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