She Doesn’t Consider Herself A Story

She Doesn’t Consider Herself A Hero
In the blink of an eye

She’d gone from Barbie and Ken

To Army Fatigues and Combat boots.
She’d taken

That call to serve

With pride

Knowing that it could very well

Mean her life

But freedom was not free

And she was willing to pay the price

For all who could not.
She came home

Without her right leg

It was left on a desert floor

Half a world away

When an IED took it off

But Billy was only nineteen

A newlywed with a baby on the way

And he died

Shot down by enemy fire

Trying to save her.

No she doesn’t consider herself a hero

That was Billy

Who died so that she could live.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:34 P.M P.S.T
For all who Served…


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