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Do You Recognize The Picture of This Shirt?

Do you recognize the picture of the shirt? Yes, that is the picture I used for the last work of my Let’s Do More challenge.

Why shirt? Clothes are symbols of our body and mind, and the whole form of the ego that wraps our essence of life or spirituality. The clothes are so attached that we can barely even feel that we are wearing them, so how can we look beyond duality if we cannot see or realize it?

That’s the main idea of the post Look Beyond Black & White. This post is intended to provide a re-example of how such works are done. Don’t forget, you can make the work in any way as long as the way you do can make an original image change and more than just “click the program feature button once” so it will not easily be identified as a result of a certain app or program, and also to better explain what is meant by the challenge as Kim has mentioned a little. Come on, once in a while, get rid of the affirmation “I can’t do it!”.

If we have never been looking for firewood, going out of the house to do that is Do More, then splitting wood for a fireplace if you have never done it is Do More too, and making wood chunk as a table is doing more in the next level. That is so on and on. Do something you haven’t done before, and increase something you’ve done. Try asking, what can I do with this picture, with this program? What else can we do to make a difference? More and more.

The following are the stages of making the work.


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