Endless Summer Festival

The Spectrum Center mall looks like an amusement park, especially for this Endless Summer Festival event, where many young kids came to do their back-to-school shopping as well as meet two of their favorite Youtubers. The theme for this event seems to be bohemian and hippies because it reminds of scenes from Woodstock Festival. There is also lots of macramé, knitting, and braided hair, flower crowns, fake tattoos, and pale pink hair colors. Ponchos, shirtdresses, and ripped jeans appear to be the most popular clothes, as well as lots of lace, scarves, print, and hats.

In this Endless Summer Festival event, many young people are waiting for the Alessia Cara concert. I decided to record the Alessia Cara concert in 4 short videos. Enjoy the music!

Part 1 of the concert is 14 minutes. I haven’t heard of her before, but I thought she had an interesting voice because she reminds me of the late Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones. But Alessia Cara is younger, and a Canadian artist.

The Part 2 video is just the continuation of the Alessia Cara concert.  It is only 5-minute long.

The Part 3 video has more singing, but this video is 4 minutes long.

The Part 4 video is the ending of the mini concert, and it is only 5 minutes.

But the last video for this festival is a short video about making memories at events during holidays and summer vacations. Record the people and/or characters you met as well as family and friends you spent your time with at such events.

Share your summer vacation memories.


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