Bluebeard's Wife's WIP

An old friend of mine recently dyed his beard blue. Some time after I got tired of teasing his wife, I got the idea of doing a Bluebeard piece. Unlike most fairytales, it doesn’t really have a clear moral, unless that moral is “Stay out of your husband’s affairs”…

Regardless, I would love to see Disney try and whitewash this badboy

#1 work in progress

Woah there, turbo. Ease up on the subsurfacing! But it is a nice look, reminding me of some of my favorite painting styles; more on that later

This one really needs a new background, though

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#2 omakey

When I saw this key, I knew that I had to do a Bluebeard piece and now I am glad that I did!

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What do you think?

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