Open your eyes…

Can you not see that I have fallen in love with you?

Does it cost much to practice little acts of kindness?

You must have seen…

You ought to know…

Do not pretend that you feel naught of my pestering emotions

What about my restlessness at night?

Is it not all because I have to stay awake thinking of you?

Thoughts or feelings are believed to carry life them!

You definitely felt mine!!

Why act the blind girl?

You must see me for all the passions I have turned to…

My lies are for your pleasures…

Do not deny me the warmth of your arms

Even thine heart tugs at thee

Did I not rightly fantasized you all over me?

Was it not you that said to me in my dreams those words I will always remember?

What are realities if they are not first dreamed?

‘You said you could hold on no longer’

‘That your silence was an act of fear’

Could you possibly entrust your hopes to my sacred care?

I am fazed…

Still dreaming…

When you melted

It was all I needed

You and I became the sweetest aroma ever, for the gods!

Open your eyes…

Can you not see what I am going through?

How long will it take?

Will you wait till the excitement is gone out of me?

Then surprise it shall be…

May another fantasy not steal my illusions before it is thine time

May I have the eternal patience of the gods…

May your refreshing beauty continue to captivate my soul…

And Cupid

Yes him, the mischief maker!!!

May he find amusement and be busy elsewhere till you are ready…

Who knows what he could do in the idleness of our waiting?

Open your eyes…

Oh, how I yearn to hear all the songs you can sing…


What do you think?

Written by JerryPeri1

I am a poet, an author, a blogger and a subsistence farmer.
I am enamored by beauty and anything that inspires life!


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