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Blind Artist-Allan Eddy

Blindness can be devastation to live with, but Eddy has beaten the odd, leaving him with an everlasting uplifting spirit.  Allan Eddy an Atlanta based artist. In the year 2000 total blindness happened to this man’s eyesight. It was from meningitis. Allan Eddy was informed by his doctors that he would never see again. Imagine having such artist talent, and then hearing those scary words of reality.


 Allan Eddy eyesight did come back a little. He is now almost totally blind in one eye and has a sliver of eyesight in the other eye. He will continue to inspire others through his passion for art. His personality can’t help but inspire others from his uplifting spirit

Please click this link below-an inspiration for us all

Allan Eddy’s Home Page is filled with inspiring information. This man could have stopped drawing after hearing the news about his eyesight, but he chose to work with the eyesight that he had left, and he keeps on making beautiful masterpieces of art. On his home page somewhere I saw a video of how he paints with the tiny bit of sight that he has to work with.  

Hope this information about Allan Eddy has put hope back into your life.

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