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Behind My Eyes In A Myst

Behind My Eyes In A Myst is a fractal flame creation made with JWildfire, a free open source program to create and edit fractal flames.

Fractal flames are created using mathematical calculations to generate an image based on the outcome of the calculations, which are repeated  thousands or millions of times by taking the answer of the first calculation and feeding it back into the start of the next one and repeating the process.

The image is then plotted onto the screen based on several different settings and the colours of the palette to get a uniquely different image each time the process is run. That is what Chaos is all about, not knowing the outcome, because different factors are likely to happen which can be called random but are better described as chaos.

The flames are named after the way that the fractals are showing on the screen, as they mostly have a nature that resemble flames or smoke or mist and ghost-like types of images.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions about my art! Message me for commissions of my art, all original unique art ©2017 C.A. BakIf you would like to buy my art printed on physical products please visit my Zazzle store at – My Zazzle Gift Shoppe


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Written by Craig Bak


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    • Thank you Blue Sailor, I look at the “Flame” as light more than fire.
      If you see it as light then it can take on a new meaning.
      I will post another flame with a definite light look to it and you can see what I am talking about.
      Glad you like it!

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