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Autumn Transitioning to Winter…

Thursday, 12.5.19

Since today’s yoga class is at 10am, I woke up later than I expected. I need to wake up earlier on Thursdays to make it to this class. It looks fresh and cool outside, with a bright sunshine glow emanating from the cloudy and effervescent sky. But the colorful reddish-orange foliage on the trees looked nice. Such colors inspire me to create my seasonal wardrobe, based on nature. 

In autumn, I am always drawn to clothe and accessories with warm-tone colors, such as reds, red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, maize, browns, burnt browns, beiges, tans, and cream or off-white. 

In winter, I am drawn outfits in monochromatic white and silver, burgundy, wine, maroon, aubergine, egglplant, pine green, navy blue, monochromatic black with bold accent, pale icy pastels, and pale neutrals. 

In spring, I am drawn to bright colors of blooming flowers as well as other nature items, which includes all the colors and shades of the rainbow.

In summer, I am drawn towards bright and bold colors, such as sunshine yellow, turquoise, sea green, sky blue, pistachio green, coral, sandy yellow, and neons.

Someone I know mentioned it might rain on Saturday. I have no plans for the weekend, anyway. 


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