Artists Struggling to Make Art

I woke up at around 8:19 am, which is a significant number because they are the numbers of my birthdate. After feeding Gumby, I ate my breakfast while watching Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore, which had already started an hour ago, but I have seen it many times anyway and it didn’t really matter. After this movie, I noticed that Searching for Sugarman came on, which is a documentary about Sixto Rodriguez, a Mexican-American musician from Detroit, Michigan. He mostly performed in the early 70s, but I have never heard of him in America. But according to this documentary, he ended up becoming a famous star in South Africa. I think his music is interesting because it sounds like the indie music. I later had researched him, and I realized that he wasn’t famous in America because he was political. I listened to his songs on YouTube, and it sounds he was exposing the truth in his songs. He was a true artist. Whatever money he did make, he gave most of it away to family and friends, and he preferred to live a very modest lifestyle. Most of his income came from working blue collar jobs because he preferred it that way.

Then, all of the sudden, I noticed the time was 11:11 am. I made a cup of coffee to fully wake up while watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I thought it is interesting that this movie came on again after the recent Las Vegas false flag, which is like signs. At noon, I called the local courthouse for my 5-day on-call jury duty to see if I am needed or not. The recording instructed my group to call back again on Wednesday at noon.

I added this video because it is inspirational for many artists. It was basically a low budget documentary, where filmmaker, Malik Bendjelloul, did it on his own, with whatever money, materials, skills, and people he could put together into the documentary. And, the main subject, Sixto Rodriguez, is a political artist who didn’t become famous in America but end up being famous in South Africa because mostly he exposed the truth in his music. So, it is about artists struggling to make art.


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