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Arabian Fanservice – WIP

When I was six or seven, my father gave me a copy of 1001 Arabian Nights and it changed my life. Even now, the first place I go to when thinking of exotic locations is a bazaar…

Complicated projects require a large amount of preparation, this is just me showing my process


What do you think?

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  1. Another great piece Alex. Your talent is out of this world. But it can never be perfect in your eyes. That is a sign of an excellent artist.

    • The light is just less that flattering for her body. See how it really accents the contours of her face and left arm? It should be doing that for the rest of her body, but isn’t…

    • In fact, the lighting on the body shot is pretty wonky. But generally speaking I have the good sense not to publish my mistakes. You shouldn’t infer by the lack of visible mistakes that they don’t happen…

  2. Man you really have been busy being creative. I wish I had more time to explore more of creative pursuits, hopefully in due time. I like way you captured the original Arabian ‘girl’

    • I need to do a whole series of these, for reasons I’ll cover in a later post but I suspect the studies might be more popular than the piece I am doing them for…