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Dreamguard – WIP

The conceit for this piece is for a stuffed animal to be guarding a sleeping child from a nightmare. I wanted it to look both cute and fierce at the same time, which is tough to do but I figure it shouldn’t be impossible to pull off, so this is my first attempt to capture that notion before I include the bed and dreamer

I like that gladius but not for this piece; it will be replaced with a more generic gladius. Likewise the wood of the buckler isn’t reading as well as I’d hoped, so that also needs to be addressed. But I love the idea of the little guy using a tiny buckler as a great shield


What do you think?

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  1. Over half an hour I have moved the cursor up and down to watch your dreamguard… The temporary conclusion is that you have handed his fierce impression to his eyes while the cute impression you have given on his fluff, and the assignment seems work well. It’s just that my old eyes are asking that the brightness level is lowered and the raise the contrast, especially for the right leg that becomes slightly blurred.
    I just don’t know, whether this old eye has asked something impossible with the technique you’ve used.
    Beyond that, your idea is amazing, brother!


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