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Another Death, Life is Unforgiving

I moved to this new region early this year, Friday to be precise. Three months down the line, a neighbour of mine passed away. The cause: Pneumonia. She was bathing in cold water every day, early in the morning.

Yesterday (August 14, 2019) another friend of mine died. I barely knew her but she was living next to where I am working. Together with my students and colleagues, we were speechless at how fast and silently she died. She had an enlarged heart. In addition, she had both the high and low blood pressure condition. It is thought she died due to low blood pressure because she died on her bed the previous night or early the next morning. The body has been taken to be examined to determine the cause of the accident.

Life you are cruel

You have no mercy.

You take the best

And worst of us.

You don’t respect anyone

Whether rich or poor

A male or female

An adult or a child.

You make people fear you

Wondering if they’ll be next

How and when they will die.

The thoughts of you trouble them

Leaving them in an anxious state.

Sometimes, you knock at the door

Long enough to know our time has come

But on other days, you never knock at the door

Not long enough to know our time has come

You come as unexpectedly as a thief

To rob us of our loved ones and friends

Leaving us with tears, heartaches 

Regrets and questions that we can’t answer.

You claim people’s lives

In peaceful and ridiculous ways.

Who are you

Or what are you

That people fear you

Because they don’t know if they’re next on the queue

And what lies behind you.

Oh death, how we hate you

Loathe and despise you

But we can’t complain long enough

Or try hard to escape from your grip.

Because we can’t live long

Nor can we invent any technology to defeat you.

It reminds us

That we should enjoy every moment

Living our lives as if it’s the last

Because life is like a passing shadow

It doesn’t linger for long

Isn’t patient enough

To give us more time

To enjoy it to the fullest.

It is but a breath

Like a drop of water in a bucket.

A drip from the syringe.


What do you think?

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Written by Benny


  1. When we know death comes like a thief and that we all have to go one day I do not go through all what you have written in your post

  2. Thank you, Carol. I understand on your side. The best we are left with is to treasure them in our hearts hoping one day we will be reunited (if one believes in afterlife).