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Adoration of the Magi – POC

Most folks assume because I am a figurative artist, my favorite style is Renaissance. I prefer Baroque and Neo Classical. I am a huge fan of the Romantic school, and their orientalism movement was always a source of inspiration for me, even before I started my Arabian Delights series…

#1 Jasper

He was my first magi, and this design is so old he doesn't even have a gift yet

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#2 Balthazar

I should've stuck something Persian looking in the background, like a lamassu or the gates of Babylon or something. Now I've broken my format...

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#3 Melchior

This design was heavily influenced by a romantic painting. For compositional reasons, I wanted him to be short and then I decided to make him fat as well. For some reason, many folks mistook him for a female...

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#4 watercolor rough

an extremely early swing at composition...

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