From Pluto beyond

the furthest Sun

Sweet music comes dancing

Prancing in rhythm

and Song

a Poem for me


and each soul

whispering et tu

Ah so long

the halting sweet words

Stagger like a Dagger

in the Silence of Nothing

and somethings boils out

into the mind

a Man

a lady a damsel

a lad or wherever it Can

a Poem from FOREVER

no Shy or short Hand

words of pure Joy

create a world

from nowhere of stars

and sea and Sand

Elija still walking

and paciing his far away Sky

promises of come back

and bring back

pure TRUtH


no empty promises

make a world great again

as white as pure Snow

beyond mortal Man

Tears fall from Angels

Souls cry up

too many sufferings

fill up the Cup

Then love so giddy

and Joy beyond Belief

the holidays of the Heart

in Relief

Adam comes walking

Eve follows with Love

Gentle steps of Music

fall from Forever

Just give and never SHOVE


apart from one Man’

It must spread then Leave

at the slightest rejection

or negative sigh

Forever more love

Pours down

from the Sky

A Poem from  Forever

celebrates the Kind

the Good the Meek

The wide Open Eyes

that no longer are Blind

Forever sing

forever Love

No push and no Shove

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Written by Johndavisnearby

LET loose the Night
to play its strings in my Heart
the Music of the Ages
has a Beat from the Start
A Tit a Tat
and the Tap of a Shoe
Even the Muses listen to YOU
A Lute a Flute
Cello and violin Too
O Night of the Soft Winds
the children of Earth
Listen to YOU

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