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Urban Decay #1

Destruction! Hulled plaster, curved roof, fallen roof tiles, wood grown on the balcony, coals, weeds, fences, stones, bricks … This is a walk in the center of Sofia! Our eye is looking for ruin. The eye sees us old houses, the houses of a vanishing Sofia. Circus artists! Acrobats! Hotel Paris! Hotel Zdravets! A home school! Meat shop! This is another walk in Sofia that goes through the time to see the old houses “from within” and understand their “little” stories that are part of the life of the capital.

Sofia has no distinctive historical part – an architectural reserve, but only separate buildings, entered in the register of cultural values.

These are buildings that are left to be destroyed and will soon cease to exist. Some of them are included in the central and local registers of the cultural and historical heritage (cultural values) of Bulgaria. Another part is not officially declared cultural values, but it is of great importance for the preservation of the history of Sofia. Under history we understand not only the history of architecture but also the history of their living – the living urban history.

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