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The Svart Hotel Norway

There are many luxurious hotels around the world, where only one night stay cost thousands of dollars, these hotels are also wonderful in services, facilities and beauty. However, the hotel in Norway which I am going to tell you is definitely a unique and elegant hotel. So hold breath and here we go.!-svart/203256/

This under construction hotel  in Norway’s suburban area will not only be an architecture mastermind, Instead, its location will also make it the world’s most prestigious place.

From the Oslo capital, 80 miles in north , this hotel is under construction in the mountains of snowy mountains, glaciers of Norway.This hotel is also an environment friendly and can generate energy for its use, while staying in this hotel, you can also enjoy the world’s most beautiful views. Hotel guests will also have the opportunity for hiking and cycling in floral trails.

Due to being on the North Pole, there are two months in which there is no sunset, and in this period there is also a sunlight at midnight, called Midnight Sun.

Staying in this hotel, fishing, walking and boating in this light will definitely have a wonderful experience of life. This beautiful hotel will be completed by the year 2021, after which it will be opened for ordinary people.

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