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Temple Of Diana In Merida, Spain, By Oscarps

The architecture and urbanism practiced by the Greeks and Romans was clearly distinguished from that of the Egyptians and Babylonians as civil life became more important. While the previous towns developed only the military, religious and residential architectures, the Greeks and Romans were responsible for the development of spaces peculiar to the civic manifestation and daily chores: the Greek agora was defined as a large public space destined to the realization Of assemblies, surrounded by temples, markets and public buildings. The Agora space became a symbol of the new worldview, which included respect for common interests, and an incentive for debate among citizens, rather than the old despotic order.


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    • It is called that because they found a statue of the Goddess Diana, in fact now the most recent studies believe that it was a kind of City Hall in the capital of this important Roman city in the empire. Emerita Augusta.

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