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Born in an Italian hospital, over Texas land

 Italy deployed US soldier asked for native soil on the birth of his child So that the first offspring born on the native soil. It was the desire of an American soldier stationed in the Italian province of Padova, that his first descendant should born in the American state of Texas/

The American soldier transported soil from Texas to fulfill his wishes so that the son was born on his home soil. US trooper Tony Traconi said he could not go to the United States to bring the native soil, so he asked his parents to bring him some amount of native soil.

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Tony decided that parents would send clay from Texas in small a plastic container So I would keep the clay box quietly under the wife’s bed so my baby would technically be born on Texas soil.

When Tony’s child were born August 17, he told on twitter that Born in an Italian hospital, over Texas land, on national Airborne day. Charles Joseph Traconis, I love you.

He said that I kept that clay safely and when my son was able to stand, I laid the clay on the ground and made Charles stand on it so that my son’s feet first fell on the Texas soil.

Click here for tweet detail  – Tony Traconi tweet 

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