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The Wonderful World of Felines


Cat lovers tend to know their feline’s moods almost as well as their own. Even new cat owners, or people claimed by cats, quickly learn that cats will be exactly as they wish and adaptation must come from the human, not vice versa.


As a bonus, we’re allowed to share their space and tend to their feline comforts as well as be available when they seek out affection or amusement.

Manners Optional

Cats are not known for their social graces. They can be downright impolite and think nothing of interrupting their human's basic activities. They will snoop in closets, open doors you prefer shut, sneak into clothes baskets and upend the contents or knock random articles from shelves and stare quizically at any broken casualty... for the fun of watching it fall.

All of these things are executed with total disregard the owner's preferences.


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  1. This is great! So spot on and yes, recently I thought I had lost my whole wallet. Taken from my purse and stashed under the computer desk. This made me laugh, the treat comment was the best. Thanks for the grin.

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