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Dog Relations

  • Wolves – Animals that are characteristic of dogs and coyotes.
  • Coyotes – Western version of the dog and mixed with wild dogs.
  • Dingos – Australian form of dogs.
  • Wild dogs – Dogs that were family dogs and were abandoned.
  • Domesticated dogs – Family pets who have not been abandoned.

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I saw this picture download on Pixabay. I have always been a dog person ever since infancy, I believe. I remember my mom and dad always saying that I would wander to whether dogs were when I was little. I remember in school we learned about dogs and wolves being related in ways and we had to make a list of similarities and differences. The two wolves in the picture just seem to say to me pick me. The colors the artist picked for these snow wolves, I think, were to show how carefree and yet industrious these animals could be and yes these wolves seem patient waiting for something. These wolves are picturesque.


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