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When my "Roadkill" Animal Became My Best Photograph

We heard a screech of tires on tar, then a sickening thud… Looking through the bedroom window, to the nearby road, we saw a commotion and people carrying something to the roadside… Whatever it was, was awfully still… Then suddenly everyone disappeared into the car and shot off…

It was 100 yards to where the animal lay, it was not moving, as I drew closer I had a dreadful knot in my stomach. It was a mixed breed, pup. Descending to the still figure felt like forever. I reached out and gently touched the matted damp fur… There was no blood in sight.

Instinctively, I stroked the dreadfully neglected body, a single tear splashed onto the back of my hand. I looked away towards the rising sun…

Dearest Lord, I pray thee, kindly receive this, your, creation in your healing arms and give her your abundant love, AMEN. When my eyes opened up, she was licking the single teardrop from my hand. A wonderful warmth spread through my whole body and I just knew, she would be well.

The vet’s surgery was just two doors down the road. As I picked her up she sensed that I was there to help her and stayed perfectly still, all the way to the vet, who could find nothing but some slight bruising near her mid-riff. She was clearly a stray, but in spite of the gross signs of neglect, we ran several ads in the local papers without success. 

Anana, a Labrador name for foundling, is what we called her. She and we became quite inseparable and she arrived at a time in our lives when we were going through the passing of a dear pet, a Jack Russel called Bisto.

That happened a long time ago, and she and we are showing some wear and tear these days and know that the road ahead is much shorter than the one behind us but we have no regrets and are grateful for her coming into our lives that terrible day, I thought I would have to take care of an animal left for dead at the roadside.


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