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I don’t know why and it seems to happen a lot in my life. I have the curiousity of a child. I see or hear something and I cannot let it go. I have to go find more information. So that is why I am sharing with you what I learned about the elephant shrew. I think they are strange little creatures and the name truly fits. Could you look at this and think of a better name?

What makes this animal truly unique? The elephant shrew is diurnal. (I learned a new word.) This means the elephant shrew is most active during the day, the same time that the preditores who eat them are active. The elphant shrew is out hunting grubs, worms and insects, while the lizzards, snakea and omnivores are out hunting them. Meal time certainly is less than peaceful. 

How do they manage to stay alive? They has some unique and helpful skills. They live in burrows and prepare clear paths so they can get underground quickly. Their hind legs are much like those of a rabbit so they can jump and get away quickly.

Now you know. It’s an elephant shrew.


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