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They Followed Me!

I have always had a thing about birds.  I like to watch them flying in the sky.  All my life birds have seemed to like me.  They follow me.  When I lived in the trailer park.  I would feed the birds.  There would be hundreds of them in my yard.

I have moved to a new place.  I still get lost watching the birds fly in the sky.  These birds in this tree stopped to say hello to me.  I wonder if they are the birds that I feed from the trailer park and they remember me.

I read somewhere that birds do remember people.  I wonder how true it is!!

Photo and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2019 all right reserved

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  1. An old widower, 70 years old lived with us once, (not family) he was such a nice person who had landed on hard times after his wife died so we took pity on him and allowed him to live in our son’s old outside room. He even had a sweet nickname, Cookie, and he was extremely neat and helpful around the garden. He told us that when his wife was still alive, they had a bunch, (murder) of crows which they fed daily. When his wife died he moved to another town to stay with a friend. As they drove to the new town, he noticed the entire bunch of crows was flying above the car to where his friend’s car turned into the driveway. The next morning the crows were waiting for their bread crumbs. He fed them for about 5 years until his friend also died. He was living in his car when we found him. The crows stopped following him when he lived in his car. He eventually was taken in by his estranged step-daughter who quite miraculously discovered that he was living with us.She had been looking for him for a long time.

    • I have always had a strange thing about birds. They scare my one sister. Every time sees, sees a black bird it frightens her. She watched the movie, the birds, one too many times. Ever since I saw the movie the crow, I have noticed them more and more. i love to watch them flying.

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